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Marketing Strategy

The formula to propel you ahead of the competition

Together with you...we’ll develop your brand... the image,  message, and marketing strategy to connect and attract your target customers.

The ionpowerplan© is a collaborative process between our team and yours. The end result unveils focused and empowering marketing tools for you to take your business to the next level.The process begins with a powerful meeting of the minds that directs your thought process and focuses your decision making.

Developed exclusively by Iondesign, the ionpowerplan includes a strategic session with “Thinkbooks” to guide the process, capture valuable information and provide the foundation for a successful marketing and communication plan. Whether you are changing your current business strategy or building a new business, the ionpowerPlan©  will unveil an empowering strategy for all targeted marketing and will solidify your brand as you move your business forward.

The ionpowerPlan© includes:
• Work session with our consultants and your team
• “Thinkbook” for all attendees
• Corporate Brand Document
• Marketing Tactics Plan